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Dr. Huntley

“I was blessed by being referred to CENTA for evaluation of my advanced-cheek cancer. Dr. Huntley entered the exam room and began explaining in "common language" my diagnosis and my only option of radical surgery. Dr. Huntley showed concern, and compassion. Dr. Rigas was called in by Dr. Huntley to participate in the exam process. Thankfully, I was scheduled for surgery as soon as possible. The "dynamic duo" of Doctors Huntley and Rigas performed an amazing 8 hour surgery. I am very grateful to be alive and healing."

-  Dillard Fairchild

“I had sinus surgery done in office by Dr. Huntley under local anesthesia.i had very little pain during surgery and no pain after surgery.i didn't have any packing in my nose. Dr. Huntley was very gentle.if I ever have any more problems with my nose,he will be the man to go to.i recommend him very highly.thanks to Dr. Huntley I can breathe,smell and taste again.thank you so much for your service."

-  Gudrun Higginbotham

“n March 2014 I was diagnosed with a malignant tumor at the base of my tongue. On May 1,2014 Dr. Tod Huntley removed the tumor by robotic surgery and checked nearby lymph nodes. Thankfully everything was clear. I also had follow-up precautionary radiation. By the grace of God and the excellent medical care I received, I seem to be fine now. The US has had a lot of heroes, but among them are some unsung heroes on N. Meridian St. CENTA, notably Dr. Huntley and his associates who save lives daily. We appreciate their help and God's grace. Jim and Alberta Atkins."

-  James Atkins

“Thanks so much! I cannot even begin to express how great you [Dr. Huntley] and your team have been with me and more importantly my family! Beth and I truly enjoyed making a day out of our visits to Indy for my appointments. Everyone is so great and it was very hard moving knowing that we would not have the same relationship that you forged with us on the very first day we met and then through both surgeries. Thanks for everything as I can honetly say and believe you had saved my life and I will be forever grateful! Thanks!"

-  Barry A. Bowles

“For the past 10 years, my snoring had gradually gotten worse. It had gotten to the point that my wife and I were sleeping in different beds, I was taking 2 hours naps every weekend, and every morning I had a headache. I always felt tired, and my quality of life was suffering. After consulting with my primary physician, he recommended that I contact Dr. Huntley at CENTA.  I then completed a home study sleep test, and the results of the test determined that I had a mild case of sleep apnea. Dr. Huntley recommended that I use a CPAP machine.  From the very first night of getting my CPAP machine, my wife and I have slept together every night! I feel so energized each and every day! I don't wake up with a headache! I don't feel like I need to take a nap during the day! My concentration level is so much better! I don't fall asleep on the couch at night! The CPAP machine has given me back my quality of life!  (The CPAP machine is very quiet and does not disturb my wife during the night. You would be pleasantly surprised how comfortable wearing the CPAP apparatus actually is) My sincerest thanks to Dr. Huntley. He is a terrific doctor! His staff is top notch! CENTA is a great place to receive care!"

-  Scott Saalfrank

“I remember the feeling of being told I had severe, life threatening sleep apnea. I remember reading on the internet that it just can't be cured. I wondered if I would be able to see my granddaughter Julia grow up. Severe apnea was attacking me and hard, with hypertension issues and fatigue. I crashed my car, fell down the stairs and accidently burnt myself with a candle. Something had to be done. I found Dr. Huntley through a careful search and he exceeded all of my expectations for a surgeon. When you have severe apnea, you are very, very cranky. Not getting any rest. Dr. Huntley didn't react or respond once to the angry moments I had as a result of my severe fatigue. Always helpful, very careful. He was better than Dr. House in determining what the next course of treatment should be. In a multistaged approach, he fixed all soft tissue issues that could be causing this severe apnea. When another study showed very bad results, he sent scans to his peers to get their opinions. He went above and beyond to find out how I should be treated. He sent me to Dr. David Montes, who performed an MMA surgery on me in your hospital on February 18, 2015. Dr. Montes was professional, polite but also a very kind man. He took time to answer my and my husband's questions. I didn't want to have the post op sleep study, I didn't want to know. I was filled with fear because my case had been very severe. Last week, I went into the sleep study here in the city I live in, St. Vincent's in Kokomo sleep lab.I just received the results. From a severe life threatening AHI, my AHI is now 3.5%. Anything under 5% is normal. My primary doctor is Dr. Ravindra in Kokomo. His nurse called to tell me that my sleep study was normal and that I do not have sleep apnea. On an internet filled with nay sayers that say that sleep apnea cannot be cured, that the surgeries are not effective I am living proof and write to you today to tell you that I went from severe sleep apnea to no sleep apnea and that Dr. Huntley and Dr. Montes as a team cured me of my disease. I hope you will reward them both with extra publicity a pat on the shoulder, and spotlight them. You're lucky to have both of these surgeons at your hospital. They saved my life. They cured me.It is sure nice, after many years of sleeping sitting up, to be able to sleep flat on my back and to sleep soundly, to wake up at 6 am and to see my family in joyful tears because mom is finally awake. God bless Dr. Huntley and Dr. Montes. I have no other words but to tell you I have a profound respect for both of these physicians and if the hospital does something special for physicians who have excelled in this manner, please do something for these physicians. They brought me from severe life threatening sleep apnea to a total cure. In the spirit of caring, they are yours. Celebrate them! I do! The only sad thing is that I will miss seeing them and joking around with them. I'm wide awake and ready to move on with my life now, fully rested and happy!"

-  Lillian Newman

“Dr.Tod Huntley is a wonderful doctor. He did 2 surgeries on me for throat cancer and I have received excellent post-op care for 5 years. Dr. Huntley is a very caring man and goes above and beyond in the care of his patients. I can not praise Dr.Huntley enough for the care he has given me. He makes me feel like a friend not just his patient."

-  William Blackwell

“Dr. Huntley is a Rock Star! I had my Septoplasty & SMR done about 3 months ago & the results have been amazing! I know it doesn't "cure" allergies but since the surgery I haven't had an issue at all. Huntley & the CENTA team have fought with insurance tooth and nail for me! I am currently awaiting approval for the Inspire surgery for sleep apnea & I have every confidence that if any place can make it happen it will be CENTA. If you get Dr Huntley...count your blessings!"

-  David Kordes

“Dr Huntley, you are the best, after five years you have turned me loose. I will miss seeing you. Thanks for taking care of my Cancer problem. God bless."

-  Wilburd James

“Dr Tod Huntley treated my daughter for MENS2 thyroid cancer. He went above and beyond anything a dr has ever done. He contacted other drs on what their suggestions were on this condition, had a conference call with several drs for the same thing, he personally kept contact with my daughter with every new thing that came up. He made us all feel very comfortable thru this terrible time. He gave us peace with everything he decided to do. I wish more drs. would take time with their patients like he did. Thanks Dr Huntley you are the best."

-  Judy Waller

“After a trip to my dentist, I was suspected of having a cancerous spot on my gum. The dentist called CENTA and directed me to their offices in Carmel. Almost immediately Dr Tod Huntley diagnosed the area involved as a cancer of the lower mandible. The staff concurred, tests followed and I was told of what a plan they developed, and when the surgery could be done. As a result of the quick action of the entire CENTA team and their friendly staff, I had surgery at St Vincent hospital on the 30th of November, 1915. Drs Ed Krowiak, and Tod Huntley led the team in the removal of the cancerous jaw bone and surrounding soft tissue and the reconstruction of this area. As a result of these surgeons, today, nearly a year later, I am regaining my strength and am looking forward to a nearly full return to my former self. The reconstruction of my lower mandible required a major surgery lasting about 9-10 hours and my family was kept abreast of the progress of the surgery during the entire operation. The small bone from my left leg was used as a donor to rebuild my jaw and through a complicated procedure, Dr Huntley successfully rebuilt the affected area, one of my main concerns, In addition to my health prognosis,I was extremely concerned about what I would look like after surgery. The rebuild is extremely pleasing and I am thankful for the results from the ravages of the cancer. Dr Huntley ALWAYS took the time to tell me about what was to come and what to expect. I did have radiation and chemotherapy following the surgery as recommended. Today I progress on a constant upward direction and although I do have some changes in nerve feelings and other minor issues, I am totally satisfied with the results of my surgery. Thanks to CENTA and their doctors, I am elated to recommend them to all who may be in need of ear, nose, and throat issues. I informed Dr Huntley of my trust in him prior to my surgery and on my last visit to the office expressed my sincere thanks to him. Once again, thank you Dr Huntley and to all at CENTA as well. You have made me and my family your priority."

-  Kenneth Baker

Dr. Huntley,
I wanted to say thank you for helping me with my parathyroid problem.
I am very happy that you found it and was able to take care of it.
Mine certainly wasn’t an easy case to deal with, so I really appreciate your patience and professionalism.

-D. Hopkins

- Nikki Snow

I want to share how much I love going to Dr. Huntley.  He is very thorough, kind, listens, and accepts my thoughts regarding my treatment plan.  I am so glad I have found him to provide the authentic treatment I need to maintain my overall health.  Five Stars! *****

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